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A group dedicated to sharing knowledge and understanding of the Earth's vast ecosystems and diverse habitats.

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A group dedicated to sharing knowledge of the Earth's vast ecosystems and diverse habitats.

Contributions encourage a respectful acknowledgement of nature and bolster our capability to preserve the planet's most treasured assets for the generations to come by highlighting the benefits of biodiversity and issues facing conservation.

In many cases, declining biodiversity and eradication of native habitat is directly linked to the impact of human activity on the environment.

Acceleration in the extinction of species in the past 50 years overshadows the tremendous advancements in science and technology and draws attention to the need to improve our understanding of interconnected ecosystems and the environment in which we live.

Sustainable human accommodation on the Earth requires universal understanding of our reliance on the health of the planet and links local events to global outcomes.

Conservation faces diverse and complex challenges. The context, magnitude and contributing factors quite often can't be identified through a singularly focused lens. Topics of interest indentified (but not restricted to) as follows:


* Scientific research and new discoveries
* New and endangered species
* Biodiversity and natural habitats
* Sustainable resource management and green(er)/low impact energy solutions
* Global warming and climate change


* Environmental legislation, lobbying and community consultation
* Regulation and environmental policy development
* Urban development and conservation
* Globalisation, human rights and the environment
* Human impact, intervention and sustainable urban development
* Affects of poverty, war and consumerism on the environment
* Government programs and initiatives


* Ethical trade, corporate governance and accountability
* Emerging green industries, innovation & best practice principles
* Government incentives, industry wards and benefits
* Resource sector, mining, agriculture and the environment


*Teaching practices and school programs


* Recycling, permaculture and organic food production
* Volunteering, local initiatives, community grants and funding
* Practical advice to minimise our impact on the Earth


* Environmental degradation and affects on public health


* Technology-enabled conservation and environmental protection

Join the discussions. Share thoughts, ideas and reports on conservation and environmental activities from your local area and beyond to help promote a respect for the power nature and our continuing responsibility to improve the health of the planet Earth.